Appartamenti a Santo Stefano al mare
Appartamenti a Santo Stefano al mare
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Santo Stefano al Mare



Santo Stefano al Mare is a charming resort on the Riviera dei Fiori, the well-known stretch of Ligurian coast that boasts prestigious resorts such as Sanremo, Marina degli Aregai, San Lorenzo al Mare and Porto Maurizio, all in the province of Imperia.

This delightful town is known for its beautiful beaches washed by the Ligurian Sea, but apart from the sea, there is much to see, such as the bastion tower of Santo Stefano, very old and completed in 1566, and the only one in Italy to have nine sides.

There are also many interesting churches to visit in the centre, although the entire urban layout of Santo Stefano al Mare is medieval, with “carrugi” and towers, evidence of ancient works. Among the works of art and devotional works, the Pietà by Ludovico Brea from 1490 and the wooden crucifix of the Holy Christ are worth mentioning.

Santo Stefano a Mare is close to other well-known Ligurian resorts and our residence can be the perfect starting point to discover the most beautiful destinations in Liguria; here are the ones not to be missed:



Sanremo, among the many characteristic and interesting towns around Santo Stefano al mare, is certainly the best known and perhaps the one that has the most to offer. Just 7 km from the village, Sanremo offers itself to the eyes of the visitor in all its beauty.

A typical Ligurian town, it has the typical features of a renowned seaside resort, without giving up its city dimension, between fashion and glam. Famous landmarks are its splendid casino, an architectural jewel that rises in the centre, as well as the Ariston Theatre, where the Sanremo Festival takes place every year, as well as hosting many other kermesses.

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San Lorenzo a Mare is a picturesque town overlooking the Ligurian Sea, more and more a tourist destination, which stands out for the parish church of Santa Maria Maddalena, in Baroque style, which preserves remarkable cycles of frescoes, although by anonymous painters.

The small village on the Riviera di Ponente is densely populated, due to its elegance of a small maritime town, but really picturesque.


A Ligurian province on the Riviera di Ponente (Western Riviera), Imperia started out as an industrial city and then became a tourist attraction. Imperia arose from the merger of eleven municipalities about a century ago, in 1923.

With its 43,000 inhabitants and numerous beaches, it has two different centres, Porto Maurizio and Oneglia, towns that were once rivals. Just as there are two centres, there are also two ports: everything in this town has doubled, making it truly unique.


Porto Maurizio deserves a special mention, which together with Oneglia divides the city of Imperia in two. Here in Porto Maurizio one can admire the Borgo Parasio, the agglomeration that constitutes the city itself, and the Marina, the city’s natural maritime landing place.

La Foce, on the other hand, is the ancient and picturesque fishing village, a place for romantic walks.


Oneglia represents the other half of Imperia, which is characterised by its many arcades and its port, a favourite destination for tourists.

Oneglia has always been in open rivalry with Porto Maurizio and has been sharing its territory with the other municipality for almost a century, since they merged into the city of Imperia in 1923. Here in Oneglia the movida of the city of Imperia develops, with many clubs and restaurants.


The tourist resort of Aregai, a hamlet of Santo Stefano, is distinguished by the many sailing competitions held there. Chic and exclusive, this small locality often hosts professional and/or amateur competitions for all fans of this fantastic sport.

Besides this, in Aregai there are also some wonderful beaches, located in the natural inlet of the territory.


Don’t miss the splendid locality of Ospedaletti, located almost in the middle of an inlet, between Capo Nero and Capo S. Ampelio.
Palm trees are one of the characteristic symbols of the town, which is also rich in marvellous seaside villas.

The hills that protect the inlet are very suggestive, thanks to the many cultivations of ornamental and flowering plants, such as carnations and roses, which enrich the flower market of Sanremo.


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Fort of Santa Tecla

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Casinò of Sanremo

9,6 km

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